Natural Hair Is The New Gay

I woke up this morning to read this headline:  sales of hair relaxers decline 26% in 5 years  and then this afternoon I saw this: School sends child home over her hair

This school sent the child home over her ‘faddish hair’ as they labelled it.  What was so wrong with this little girl’s hair, I hear you ask?  Was it dyed in several unnatural colours? Nope.  Was she sporting a bizarre hair cut? Nope.  The little girl was sent home for daring to wear her natural hair in dreadlocks hairstyle.

According to this school, natural hair styles such as afros, dreadlocks and natural hair are considered faddish. Since  did embracing your own natural hair texture become a fad??!  Back to the first headline at the top of this blog post.

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It is no secret that there are many more people choosing to embrace their natural hair textures.  Many of them wearing their unprocessed hair textures as loose afros, dreadlocks and other natural hair styles.  I myself embraced my own natural hair texture about 3 years ago after making the decision, like many other naturals, not to process my hair any longer.  Obviously, due to this new wave of people rocking their natural hair and no longer perming their hair, it is no wonder that the sales of hair relaxers have declined.  The perm and relaxer manufacturers must be seething with frustration right now at the natural hair movement.

Now, I am not suggesting  that certain schools are in a secret agreement with these perm companies to force kids into perming their hair again to boost the income of the perm companies, but why should people with natural feel victimised and bullied for embracing a perfectly natural, perfectly healthy option for their hair care?   It is particularly disturbing that little girls are in danger of being conditioned to hate their natural beauty, their natural texture by the same authorities that are meant encourage, support and educate them.  These little girls are in danger of growing up to be adults with personality and confidence issues, instead of strong, informed and inspirational young women.

This is not the 1st time that some thing like this has been reported in the news. Many naturals also report getting snidey remarks, unpleasant looks and downright abuse from other non-naturals.

It would seem that natural hair is now the new gay taboo, with a vast majority of naturals experiencing discrimination, prejudice and even exclusion.  It shouldn’t be this way.  People shouldn’t be bullied and victimised simply because they choose to embrace their natural hair textures.  People shouldn’t be pressured into compelling with the norm, which by the way, isn’t always the healthiest or best option.

I sincerely hope that the natural community (ie naturals everywhere) are supportive of each other and stand strong in not bowing down to pressure.  Natural women should act as mentors and positive role models for the younger generation.

Natural hair is not a fad….it is a long term lifestyle choice for the vast majority of us naturals.  You can try, but this natural hair wave is going to be pretty hard to halt.


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5 thoughts on “Natural Hair Is The New Gay

  1. What’s really sad is that apparently the school’s board is all black, and so is the majority of the staff and students. The schools policy is said to be strict as to prepare their students for the real world, but what is that saying to all the young girls in this school? That natural textured afro hair and cultural styles are unacceptable in the real world? That’s so offensive and demeaning. I also blame the parents however. This was a charter school, not a public one. Why would you put your daughter in a school with offensive rules you disagree with? The school letting her slide for a year isn’t a good argument, they say on their site that they have a very strict dress code.

  2. My secondary school back here in Nigeria was owned by a white British woman and school rules regarding hair was “hair should be in its natural state and neatly braided. Ponytails were excluded except in form of cornrows or braided styles. The minimum number of braids or twists was four and it should be neatly done”. It was a conservative day school.
    I am writing this to point out that the school had better hairstyle and dress policies that could embrace natural hair styles and yet still be conservative.

    To say the hair a black child is born with is unacceptable makes me wonder about the quality of education such myopic staff will impart on the children.
    Straight hair generally does not grow out of the scalp of a black child. Altering the hair texture with chemicals is detrimental to the health of the child. Chemical treatment is unsafe for the delicate scalp of a child.
    If care should be taken to monitor what children eat or what products are applied to their skin, why should their hair be any different…..I really find the double standards confusing.

  3. If we all wore our natural hair, their wouldn’t be ridiculous instances like this. Our natural hair is acceptable once we say it is. Not when the white man says.

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