Differences Between Baggying And The Green House Effect

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My best tips on baggying & the green house effects for hair growth & increased length retention.  Enjoy

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31 thoughts on “Differences Between Baggying And The Green House Effect

  1. Great…great post!

    I looove the GHE..I have had excellent results with this method , in fact I like it much better than baggying. I do my GHE very similar to what you have here with the exception of applying anything to my scalp, the sebum in your scalp helps to act as your natural hairs oil, where as I dont feel the need to add more oil to my scalp in fear of my hair becoming to oily. I wet my hair first with a moisturizing spritz ( aloe & water) than simply apply my herb infused EVOO. cover, layer, layer , layer (lol). I repeat this method every single night by just re wetting ( damping my hair) no need to reapply oil, the water simply reactivates the oil.

    My hair has become sooooo much more hydrated since using this method the ends of my hair are soooo smooth, with out dryness and I have noticed a lot of less split ends, and my hair is always soft.

    I keep my GHE on overnight, once removing My hair is damp with water drops in my plastic cap which is exactly what I want, I simply seal in the moisture with something veeery light and veeeery little of it and keep it moving. Thats it!…I will not go a night with out applying the GHE effect to my hair, because the results are …awesome!;0)

    take care,


    • Wow! Thank you for d detailed explanation of your GHE regime.

      Am so glad it worked for you. At d moment, I am focusing on baggying to retain length. I might try d GHE treatment when d baggy challenge is over.

      Thanks 4 stopping, sis

  2. Hi Paige-Ellean, I read this last night and I want to ask a couple of silly questions if you dont mind :-)

    I had never heard of GHE before, and wondered if this is done on a daily basis, or an overnight treatment which is washed out? If daily, how often would you recommend washing the hair? Is it possible to combine the two? Is it possible to combine the two on a daily basis or should you do say the baggy every night and the GHE in combination every other night or every third night? Having read the article I did the baggy last night with the water mix and oils, but in the morning I really like to have curl definition and used my spray and gel – is that too heavy do you think? ANY advice you can give would be sooooo welcomed :-)

    • Hi Faye,

      Some people do d GHE treatment on daily basis, others every few days & others periodically. It depends on your preference & personal schedule. If you are serious about growth & length retention, then you can do it daily for a month or a few months. You do nor want your hair to get over-moisturised cos that would weaken it, so mild protein treatnents (deep condish with, egg, molasses or yoghurt added) would be recommended every few weeks.

      Washing it out is not necessary unless you used heavy butters like shea butter. If so, you might need a mild wash between your shampoos. With d baggy or GHE, it is better to use light ingredients which penetrate d hair shaft. Most oils are sufficient….

      It is possible to combine d two & here’s how to do it. Mix some rosemary essential oil with castor oil, and rub well into your scalp & hairline. Spritz your hair lightly with water or a spritz or my fav trio of rosewater, aloe vera juice wt a teensy amount of glycerin.
      Now if your hair is type 3, you may wish to skip this next step or you can include it,if it wouldn’t leave your hair too soggy. Apply a watery leave in condish or simply dilute your fav condish.
      Finally, apply oil to d hair lightly. I use my winter nourishing oil blend, but other oils you can use include castor oil (very recommended), olive oil, or coconut oil. Use lighter oils like almond or grapeseed oil for a non-soggy result and mildly thicker oils like castor oil, & olive oil for more moisturisation.
      Now apply 2 layers of plastic, 2 shower caps or 2 layers of cling film, followed by a layer of kitchen foil wrap. Add a scarf or bonnet & a snug winter hat or beenie cap.

      the next day, remove d layers.

      This is a great way to combine d two & it’s more convenient. You can also choose to alternate – one night, do the baggy, and the next night do the GHE.

      finally, I will not recommend using gel for this. It should be a light oil or butter.

      Sorry for the lengthy reply & hope it helps provide some answers :)

  3. Hi Paige-Ellean, thats wonderful, I’m going to get on the case this weekend start a fresh with a good cleanse and probably steam. About the gel though, I wasnt meaning to use it as part of the treatment but how I style my hair daily for curls, so do you think in the morning I should drop the gel and use a butter for styling??

    • As long as it’s a gel that doesn’t contain alcohol, which can dry your hair, yes you can use it with a tiny amount of butter, or a light oil if d butter will be too heavy for your hair.

      My personal recommendation, that I know works, is a bit of castor oil with aloe vera gel. It gives hold, moisture & curl definition, without build-up

  4. for the ghe treatment your not suppose to add any thing to your scalp the point is to let your natural oil come out of your scalp

    • I understand this. My version is an updated (or improved) version of the regular GHE treatment.

      It works waaay better than just a regular GHE treatment & this is why it is becoming very popular with my readers :)

  5. Do more research and you will understand why it is better not to add any oil to the scalp, because this could prevent the sebum (which is the natural oil that our hair produces) from coming out freely…That’s the reason why, the GHE is used to promote the natural sebum that our hair produces, so that’s the oil that will be stimulating the hair growth…Think about it, if you put an obstacle on an entire road to the point where the road is completely blocked and no car can pass by, then you are preventing people from moving forward ! It’s the same thing, adding an oil on the scalp would prevent the sebum from coming out of the scalp freely and effectively !
    GHE and Baggying are two different things, people need to remember this, whil baggying uses products GHE uses our natural hair oil !!! SEBUM to grow our hair (now moisturizing and sealing is just an extra step used to retain the length0…Hope this makes sense.

    • You are so rude, Shika! You don’t come into someone’s space and then spew such rubbish!!

      Did you actually read her post or were you just being too quick to find fault.

      She did mention that you need to use a stimulating oil mix. Stimulating oils help to encourage blood circulation around the roots, which in turn helps to make the hair grow.

      Perhaps, you should do some adequate research yourself. There are actually some oils that penetrate the hair & scalp follicles, such as coconut oil and castor oil. These oils fill the scalp pores with their beneficial properties, and also stimulate the scalp to give hair growth a boost. Obviously, not oils block the scalp

      There is no such thing as hair sebum making the hair grow. In fact, too much hair sebum will block the pores and prevent growth.

      She also did mention that baggying & GHE are different from each other.

      Yes, many people use the GHE method of using the hair sebum. Paige has just improved upon the original GHE method by giving us the tip of using stimulating oils and/or penetrating oils.

      It’s not a crime for someone to improve upon an existing method. She certainly knows her stuff and it works!!

      Proof is in the pudding because I have been following her advice & I have seen a lot of growth. My transitioning hair loves it.

      Please, next time do your research before you embarass yourself with facts you know nothing about

      • Wow! what a debate!

        Thanks for the support, Latifah & congrats on your transitioning journey!.

        Thanks also for your explanation. Some people think I am claiming this GHE that I have described in this post to be the original GHE treatment. Um, no.

        In the article, I did say that the regular GHE treatment (which involves allowing your hair sebum to stimulate growth – huh????) in my opinion doesn’t really make sense to me. Sebum plus heat doesn’t really grow hair….or maybe it does, I don’t know. In any case, throw in some stimulating & penetrating oils….then you would REALLY see growth.

        My version, like I explained to Meeeeeee (??) above, is an improved version of the regular GHE & produces even more results than the normal GHE treatment.

        It clearly works, so I don’t get this aggro. I guess, I should rename it & call it Paige Ellean’s GHE…then no one can preach to me on how I am not doing the GHE right – lol :D

        • I apologize if it sounded rude, it really wasn’t my intention, not at all, I was just trying to explain why it is not recommended to add any oil to the hair. I did not realize that this post was about your own version of the GHE. My sincere apologies.

  6. hi there Paige.

    one thing I really love about your blog is not just how well informed you are on product ingredients, techniques and processes, but also how you find new & innovative ways of doing things or improving on traditional techniques.

    You are definitely a trend setter, girl!!! Keep doing what you are doing, love.

    If your newer methods do the job better than the old methods, go for it!!

    Some people just want to remain stuck in the past and in old unproductive ways of doing things.

    Viva la Paige Ellean’s GHE!!!! :D

  7. I have been using the 2 layer only because if the bag gets to hot in the night I would remove it and would have the Satan on for protection of my hair
    and pillow case …

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  10. I tried the GHE because I was having problems with my scalp always feeling irritated. I did it for about a weeks and the results were amazing, my scalp and hair felt very hydrated and I no longer felt my scalp was irritated, even a week after I started. As of Today I’ll be doing the GHE for a month I just recently had my haird braided and I want to try a different method with maintaining my braids. Wish me luck. P.S. I highly recommend the GHE if your suffering from scalp irritation and dry/ breaking hair.

  11. Hi there, just stumbled on this site and I think it’s wonderful. I used to have really nice hair, a little pass my shoulders, when I was younger. Those were the straight’n with the hot comb days, when my hair was always in braids. After perms came around my mom decided that was easier but my hair was badly damaged from the chemicals and I had to cut it ALL. It has taken me years to finally get my hair to grow almost shoulder length and not break off so much. The problem I have now is that my hair is not growing evenly. Can these techniques help stimulate the areas that are not growing as long? Open to advise. P.S. I am using olive oil moisturizing lotion and african pride olive miracle growth oil to help with breakage and drying.

  12. I found a link to this tutorial on GHE & Baggying from CurlyNikki.com. Thank you so much for explaining these two methods with so much detail. I think these are some methods that I would like to try to help grow and retain my natural hair.

    I noticed in the pictures, when you did the Baggying, you had all of your hair in the plastic and when you did the GHE, it looked like your ends were out. Do you actually leave your ends out when you GHE or do you cover your all of your hair…or does it make a difference?

    Again, thanks so much!

    • no, yo do need to cover all the hair. I just left the hair slightly out for the purposes of the video. I wouldn’t call it a tutorial, more like a quick explanation on the differences between GHE & baggying.

      So yeah, for both practices, you need to cover it & wrap it up nice and tight :)

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