The Different Stages & Lengths Of Curly Hair

Curly hair grows in different stages and lengths.
To accurately assess my hair length, I perform the length check on freshly washed hair that hasn’t been straightened, blow dried or flat combed. Sometimes, I use the banding method to stretch out my curls a little so more of its true length can be seen.
There are 2 different guides – 1 for loose curls, such as type 3 curls and one for tighter coils, such as type 4.  The reason  why I feel these 2 guides are necessary is because I feel these 2 types of hair grow in different ways.  For example, type 3 curls tend to have more hang & grows downwards; whilst type 4 (my kind of hair), tends to have more height & grow outwards
For type 3 curls, this pictural guide will help you determine the length of your hair.
For type 4 or kinky & coily hair, I find the guide below to be much more helpful.
There are 5 different stages and lengths for type 4, kinky coils
  1. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)
  2. TA (Teeny Afro)
  3. A (Afro)
  4. BA  (Big Afro)
  5. BAA  (Big A$$ Afro)



TWA – My TWA in early 2010


AFRO  aka A- My Afro mid 2012


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in progress….  ;)


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11 thoughts on “The Different Stages & Lengths Of Curly Hair

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  4. I love this post :D it really helped me ! I just entered the Teeny Afro stage… lol it’s annoying but oh well. I am exited to reach the other stages ! :D

  5. Ive recently donated my Afro to locks of love. I don’t have curly hair but I want to grow my hair into a type 4 twa. Is there a type of product I should use, or is there no hope…… My sister said its possible but I’ll have to train my hair while its growing. Any suggestions??

  6. Mine is definitely at afro stage. I have a question though. Is it normal to have longer front hair than in the middle & at the back?

  7. I think your inch estimations are off. One of those pics is chime, and in that pic she had prob 15 -20 inches of hair.

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